Röststätte Berlin is looking for a Head Barista & Bar Manager for our roastery café in Berlin Mitte.

‪Head Barista / Bar Manager

Our Head Barista is responsible for the quality of our coffees and the whole hospitality program at his/her café, acting as a Bar Manager with multiple years of experience in the specialty coffee industry. This is a great role for someone who is highly attentive to specialty coffee and its preparation, in addition to managing staff, the café and its products.

Essential functions:

  • ‪Supervision and management complete bar and floor staff
  • Act as a leader, face and voice of Röststätte Berlin, ensuring our customers receive an exceptional experience in service, speed, quality, cleanliness, and hospitality
  • ‪Successful delegation of daily operations and tasks
  • ‪Quality control of all beverages, including a wide variety of our specialty coffee products
  • ‪Overseeing maintenance, service and cleaning of machines and equipment
  • Stock control, rotation, ordering and retail management
  • Shift management
  • Arrange meetings and communicate effectively with management
  • Be creative and help to manage our café menus
  • Ensure consistency among all our baristas, espresso, milk techniques, and brew methods; Function as in-house QA, ensuring that standards are met with every drink that goes out
  • Maintain extensive coffee knowledge; know origins and stories of our coffees; stay informed with our industry trends; assist with customer education
  • Run product presentations and cuppings


  • ‪Multiple years of experience in the specialty coffee industry
  • ‪Experience in managing staff
  • High proficiency in English and proficiency in German language ‪
  • Excellent communication skills both with employees and customers
  • ‪Strong technical barista skills in all areas of drink preparation
  • ‪Desire to educate others about our coffee
  • Leadership skills and multi-tasking ability

Please email your application incl. CV to info@roeststaette.com

Thank you!

Röststätte Berlin is an award-winning specialty roaster from Germany with focus on high quality coffee from source to the final cup. For more than 10 years, Röststätte has been a leading force in the German specialty coffee scene. Our employees benefit from a collaborative spirit, our international network of coffee professionals, multidisciplinary learning and project opportunities, a fully equipped barista academy and the world’s best coffee equipment available.